Contemporary Jumper Carousel Horse

Jumper Carousel Horse contemporary


This is a contemporary wooden horse carving that pays homage to the renowned craftsmanship of the Dentzel Carousel Factory of Philadelphia.

The horse is carved in a jumper position, with its head raised above level, embodying both motion and grace.

This horse features a beautifully carved, forward-flowing mane and an intricately detailed wooden tail. It's in very good condition, the carving retains its pristine form without any missing parts or significant wear.

Currently it resides in San Clemente, CA.

  • Height (from floor) - 67 in.
  • Length (foot to foot) - 55 in.
  • Length (rump to bust) - 44 in.
  • Pole height - 52 in.

"This horse was a gift purchased from an antique store here in San Clemente. Unfortunately, I was not given any information about the history of the horse. While I have loved having this horse we simply don't have room for her any longer in our home."

~ Stephany (current owner)


Jumper Carousel Horse front Jumper Carousel Horse rear side Jumper Carousel Horse hind legs Jumper Carousel Horse top view Jumper Carousel Horse underneath Jumper Carousel Horse post side