Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse Circa 1912 - Second Row Jumper

Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse, Jumper

no longer available

Carousel horse measures 48" long by 45" high

The Herschell-Spillman carousel factory in North Tonawanda, NY produced this wooden carousel horse, circa 1912. The horse was purchased from Carousel Corner in 1980 and fully restored. The owner's son inherited this piece and is seeking out a new home for it.

The horse is in good structural condition and includes a brass stand (all defects and details are clearly visible in the images).

It takes up residence in Alma, MI.

Gene (current owner)


Front of the Herschell-Spillman Horse Back of the Herschell-Spillman Horse
Herschell-Spillman missing paint
Herschell-Spillman Saddle
Herschell-Spillman Jumper Horse