C.W. Parker Carousel Horse - Jumper

CW Parker Horse circa 1912/13


Circa 1912-1913 outside row jumper from a 2-row carousel made by the C. W. Parker company of Leavenworth, Kansas. Currently it resides in Morristown, New Jersey.

  • Height (from stand) - 49 in.
  • Length (foot to foot) - 47 in.
  • Length (rump to bust) - 32 in.

This is an antique earlier Parker, unrestored horse from a Parker "carry us all." The paint is old and may be the original paint colors. He's missing part of an ear and some wood around his eye. The horse is in fair condition.

Parker Horse front Parker Horse circa 1912/13 rear side Parker Horse behind saddle Parker Horse mount side Parker Horse head, each side Parker Horse face Parker Horse underneath Parker Horse top view Parker Horse measurements Parker Horse post side