Build A Rocking Horse Kit

Build a rocking horse kit

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Height from floor to top of the head is 23 inches, the length of the horse is 30 inches long, 10 inches wide. They are very stable for a child as young as 1 to 1-1/2 years and the size still suits up to age 4 or more.

For those who want to try your hand at building your own rocking horse, we offer a kit to build your rocking horse from scratch.

You can preview a copy of the instructions.

These kits are made of Cypress wood. This wood has a beautiful grain which lends itself to varied patterns when stained or wash finished. Use polyurethane to seal it and you have the classic heirloom look.

Rocking horse kits are only available in the toddler size (recommended for ages up to 5 years). Your finished rocking horse can look like these Black Cherry Rocking Horse, Pink Princess Pony, Red Chestnut Rocking Horse, or Whitey Rocking Horse.