Antique Theo Williams Racing Derby Horse - Double Seater


Carved by the Theo and Royce Williams Amusement Company of Denver, Colorado, circa 1920, and professionally restored in 1990 by Carousel Works, Inc. Currently it resides in Holmdel, NJ.

  • Height - 52"
  • Total Length - 80"
  • Length (rump to bust) - 50"

The open mouthed head with glass eyes and turned back ears presents in very good condition. The Racing Derby operated at twice the speed of a normal carousel, each horse moved independently and gave riders the excitement of a real horse race.

Purchased 8/11/89 from Investment - Antiques - Collectibles for a price of $6,200. It was restored by Carousel Works, Inc. on 10/11/90 for an additional $2,000.