Traditional Carousel Horses

These are hand carved wooden carousel horses for collectors and those who love the nostalgic carousel.

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Herschell Spillman Carousel Horse


52" X 68" (h x l)


Illions Carousel Horse

Illions Jumper

54" X 60" (h x l)


Stein & Goldstein Carousel Horse

Stein & Goldstein

52" X 50" (h x l)


Parker Carousel Horse

Parker Flag Horse

28" X 64" (h x l)


Williams Racing Derby Horse

Racing Derby Carousel Horse

52" X 80" (h x l)


Parker Carousel Horse

Antique Parker Carousel Horse

64.5" X 62" (h x l)


Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse

Antique Herschell-Spillman Carousel Horse

33" X 48" (h x l)


Allan Herschell Carousel Horse

Antique Allan Herschell Carousel Horse

45" X 52" (h x l)


Allan Herschell "Blanket Pony"

Antique Allan Herschell Blanket Pony

36" X 48" (h x l)


Prancer Carousel Horse

Prancer Carousel Horse

43" X 34" (h x l)


Anderson Carousel Horse

59" X 69" (h x l)


Chaffin Carousel • Carving School

Classes that teach how to carve your own carousel horse, taught by master carver and sculpture Ira Chaffin.