Rocking Horse by S&S Woodcarvers (1984)

S&S Woodcarvers Rocking Horse

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$999 - come pick it up in Draper, Utah
$1815 - includes shipping to Los Angeles, CA
$2171 - includes shipping to anywhere within the continental US

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Rocking horse measures: 40" long x 32" high x 8" wide; Floor to saddle: 25" high
Rocker: 48" long; Pole: 42" high; Weight: 70 lbs.

This is a 1984 carousel style rocking horse made by S&S Woodcarvers.

We purchased this S & S Wood Carvers rocking horse at an art gallery in San Francisco. From the first time I saw it, even until today it puts a smile on my face. To me the rocking horse represents everything good and innocent about childhood. We had the horse displayed in our nursery until our children were out of their cribs, it then became an art piece in our music room, again while the children practiced the piano, the horse was smiling approval at them. As I am downsizing I no longer have a space for this beautiful horse but I would love someone else to make memories with it as we have.

The asking price is due to the paint being a tiny bit worn on the mane and wear on the ears and tail (all defects and details are clearly visible in the images). This rocking horse still has lots of life!

It takes up residence in Draper, Utah - perhaps you can pick it up and save money on shipping.

Carolee (current owner)