O'Day Presley Carousel Horse


Carved by O'Day Presley in 1989 and painted by Ruth Carroll. Currently it resides in Pismo Beach, CA.

  • Height (stand to top of head) - 66"
  • Total Length - 65"
  • Length (tail to chest) - 53"
  • Pole (from stand) - 77"
  • Stand - 68"
  • Stand height - 4.5" (adds to the overall height of the horse)

The horse is in very good condition, no defects, nicks or damage; it has been lovingly cared for.

The stand was made to resemble the base of a carousel. Visitors to our house are always impressed with the horse, not only how beautiful it is, but how big it is. It is a one of a kind piece of art, I had it made to my own specifications.