Hand Carved Carousel Rocking Horse by S&S Wood Carvers

no longer available

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Measures: 48 ½ x 43 ½ x 17 ½, weighs close to 75 lbs.

Hand Carvered by Master Carver's out of wood. Each piece carved separately, then glued together and reinforced by special dowels for perfect assembly. An artist who specializes in finishing and decoration of the carousel figures selects the colors and intricate designs; hand paints each piece to ensure lasting beauty of the figure. Making each piece a one of a kind. This company is no longer in business.

S&S Wood Carvers created this piece in 1984. This piece has been primarily used for decoration. We purchased this figure for our daughter who developed a fascination with Carousel Horses. Every time she walked into the room, she smiled at her horse. Bragging to her friends & family members that she had a carousel horse at home. On many occasions, my daughter said that she felt like she was in Mary Poppins every time sat on it. It is an absolute beautiful piece to have in any home. A beautiful white rocking horse with a burgundy saddle, gold & burgundy painted through out the top portion of the horse, Gold mane & tail.

~ Jessie (current owner)