Armored Carousel Horse

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Measures: 43" x 43", pole: 51"

Carved by Matt Doneen (1995)

This carousel horse measures 43" X 43" and is mounted on a stand with a brass pole. Doneen is a cabinet maker by trade and designed this horse from things he liked from other carousel horse designs. The silver on the head armor and ax is silver craft foil, the paint is transluscent so you can see the wood grain through it. The base is a plow disk (John Deere). Made from bass and poplar wood.

"I see draft horses the same way I view my life. They were bread to work, quiet giants, work in the dust and dirt (cabinet shop); the harness is interesting to me also. I try to make all my horse art unique, one of a kind and I try to make the next one even more exciting than the last. My first rocking horse was made with a scroll saw and a belt sander (clyde and dale from some magazine that I ordered the plans from), evolution from there on!"

~ Matt