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Pregnancy Beauty – Safety First

There are plenty of myths afloat that make expecting mothers fret; and although some of it is hogwash, when pregnant, women must take extra care to keep harmful ingredients out of their beauty arsenal to protect their precious cargo. At the Hair Salon Tweet admin

8 Common Challenges of SAHM Parenting

Many have the misconception that SAHM parenting is a bed of roses.  Boy do they ever have it wrong! Being a stay at home mom can be a real challenge. Dealing with the kids all day, cooking, and cleaning IS a job.  It may not pay the bills but it takes time, energy, and effort.  […]

New Mother Anxiety – It’s A-OK

Are you a new mom in the first few weeks of being a mother?  If so, the carefree days of picking out the cutest baby shower invitations, buying and preparing for your newborn baby, and overall excitement and anticipation probably seem light years away.  I cannot stress how common it is for many new mothers […]

A New Parent’s Guide to Common Respiratory Infections in Infants

Your new baby is at home for the first time, and you have placed every possible safety precaution ever invented in her room.  Nevertheless, you still can’t help but go and check on her once every five minutes.  After all, your baby is a fragile being, and her physical wellbeing is a very delicate thing.  […]

Product Review: Mommy Bear with Womb Sound

A lot of new mothers struggle to get their little one to sleep, particularly as they start growing and becoming more curious about the world around them. Thankfully, this wonderful new product is both functional as a sleep aid and a cute toy, which combines the soothing sounds of the womb with a cuddly teddy […]

Shower the Newborn with Great Baby Shower Gifts

It is an honor to be invited to a baby shower. You are invited to celebrate a brand new life with your friends and family. The last thing you want to do is worry about what type of present to bring. Here is where this article comes in. You will find a lot of great […]

Innocent Looking Crib Sheets Can Hide A Deadly Secret

How can a crib sheet be dangerous? Crib sheets are important because of the amount of time a baby spends in bed, so they should be chosen with great care. However, crib sheets that are poorly fitted can end up becoming a dangerous play thing for a baby. They can wrap themselves around the little […]

The New Daddy Workout

I remember the days when I took off my shirt and women would sigh; some would even faint. My sculpted arms and broad shoulders proudly proclaimed my alpha dominance to all of the men in the room. When I needed, I could do the laundry on my abs. Well, none of that is really true…but […]

Top Fire Resistant Products for Your Nursery

Decorating a child’s nursery was never going to be an easy task. First, you need to decide what color scheme you would like, and this is usually dependant on the gender of the baby, or you could opt for the safer option by choosing neutral colors such as white and yellow. Once you’ve decided on […]

5 Ways New Moms Can Save Money On Baby Items

Being a new mom is a massively costly affair. The lists of vitals you’ll need to buy are endless and that’s before you get to the purchases of extravagance which you’d like for your arrival. So, here are some top tips which will help you save on the damage to your bank account. First, never […]

Top 3 Baby Questions For New Moms

If you have just had a new child, or if you are expecting, as well as feeling physically exhausted, you probably have a hundred and one different questions buzzing around in your head about your pregnancy, giving birth, looking after your child etc. So here in this friendly post I am going to help by […]

10 Money Saving Ideas for New Parents

Raising children can be a costly adventure. Every parent wants to give their child the best possible start in life but managing the extra costs is a major challenge for many people. Fortunately, there are many ways you can cut those costs and save money. Here are ten ideas that can help you save a […]

Family Nutrition: How to Get Back to Basics

Nutrition for families today is even more important because of environmental factors of water and air pollution, genetically modified foods, processed foods, pesticides, and household chemicals. These factors can contribute to illness overtime and eating a healthy diet will reduce these risks. There are many parental concerns over genetically modified plants, artificial sweeteners, high fructose […]

Time Lapse: Baby Playing With Toys

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Fashionable Accessories for Your Cell Phone

Every woman wants to look and feel her best. Sometimes, it’s all about the little details that we add to our wardrobes. A great way to update your look on a budget is to buy fabulous and affordable accessories that will give any outfit an extra bit of glam. If you want your cell phone […]